About us

Our health is mainly dedicated to improve the lives of the all species such as animal and human via integration of the veterinary medicine, human medicine and environmental science. Our mission is to offer platform to rapid communication of the premium quality scientific knowledge on intra and inter species pathogen transmission.
Our information is offering by leading experts in bacteriology, virology, veterinary sciences, mathematical modeling, food safety, public health research, emergency preparedness and epidemiology. Our health could be achieved via certain things such as joint educational efforts between veterinary medical schools, human medical and school of the public health and environment. As everyone knows “health is wealth” and we recognized that health of people is mostly connected to our shared environment and health of animals.
Our approach encourages collaborative efforts of the many experts like veterinarians, laboratories, diseases detectives and physicians working across the environmental health, human and animal to improve the health of people, animals, wildlife, livestock and pets. Our one health newsletter is the collaborative effort by diverse group of the health professional and scientists which is sufficient to promote one health. Our service is usually focused on two things such as comparative medicine or translational medicine and zoonotic infections.